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4-H OSBA GGLBA TCBA Beekeeping for Beginners

4-H OSBA TCBA Beekeeping for Beginners

Mike Doseck interviews James Barnhart 2016 Clock Trophy for beekeeping winner at the Ohio State Fair from Carroll County Tri County Beekeepers Association and Kayla Lennartz 2016 Ohio State Fair finalist as well as 2018 Clock Trophy for beekeeping winner from Mercer County Greater Grand Lake Beekeepers Association. The purpose of this video was for young 4H students to view and offer encouragement to pursue beekeeping as a project.

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Northeastern Indiana Beekeepers Assn. March 23rd. 2019 Beekeeping School

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To be announced

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Indiana Bee School XVII February 23rd, 2019

The Beekeepers of Indiana Website

Online Registration Form

Registration Form (printable)

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TCBA Spring Beekeepers Workshop March 1st-2nd, 2019


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Risk Takers Killer Bee Removals Video



Risk Takers Killer Bee Removals YouTube video


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Greater Grand Lake Beekeepers Association 2020 application and renewal

Join the GGLBA or renew your membership now!

Application and renewal form

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Managing Small Hive Beetles

FSA-7075 managing small hive beetles

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Meeting Notes – December 11th, 2018

2018 December Meeting Notes – by Mike Doseck

December 11 was the final meeting of the year with the members bringing in holiday treats.  Our speaker was Dwight Wells and we used the Honey Bee Health Coalition booklet, purchased through OSBA by the Club, as a text for the evening.

OSBA offered the workshop “Build a Better Bee Club” in Columbus on December 8 and six members attended the workshop.  With sessions available for specific officers and some general club building sessions, it was the consensus of everyone that it was of great interest and benefit to the club.  It was an early morning 1 1/2 hour trip but we held our quarterly Board meeting on the way.  A member rented a van but he forgot to add heat to the contract making it a rather chilly trip.  On a side note, we added fluid to the radiator and had more than enough heat to thaw us out on the return home.

Our new officers will be taking their positions in January.  The new officers will be; Mark Beougher – President, Allen Heindel – Vice President, Jeana Fisher – Secretary, and Richard McNaughton – Treasurer.

GGLBA will be hosting our 5th Annual Beginning Beekeeping Class on February 9th.  The class will be held in Celina at the Richardson Bretz Memorial Building on Fayette Street.  The cost of the class is $50 and includes the hardbound book “Honey Bee Biology” by Dewey Caron, memberships to GGLBA and OSBA, handout and door prizes. This is well over a $100 value!  Again, visit our NEW website under events and go to the interactive calendar for registration information.

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